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Is This the Future of Our Financial Systems?
Wrote this for a contest on an UX Trends facebook page. Brief was to create a scenario about the future of financial systems in 200 words. I didn’t have anything better to do so I wrote this.
This Augmented Life
Augmented Reality has finally arrived. Project Glass from google has captured a lot of people’s imagination with their vision video. This has been a personal dream of mine ever since I saw Terminator 2. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had access to all this information at the edge of our eyes instead of at the tips of our fingers? It seems like quite a probable future. But google glasses are not it, imagine everybody wearing these glasses walking around, isn’t a pretty picture even if the glasses are the most beautiful glasses anyone has ever seen.
Functional Portfolio: Turning the way portfolios are done on its head [NOW LIVE]
So it’s time of the year again, graduation is coming in 6 months and it’s time to work on my portfolio. This will be my 4th iteration of my portfolio, and I’d started to get bored of the way portfolios are done. Project by project, trying to showcase your skills and thinking didn’t seem to be the best way, so I went about to change it.
A-Rix Auto and Taxi Meter for iPhone [UPDATED]
Quick recap if you have no idea what A-Rix is. It is a product I designed almost 2 years ago which was in response to a pain I personally had - Tampered Auto Rickshaw Meters. I also took the opportunity as an exercise in interaction design and created a simple, easy to read interface that had some nifty features built in. It got covered by a local newspaper and design blogs.
How would you like it?
How would you like it? Rained in, gloomy skies, Bright yellow flames of the fireplace crackling, Hand in hand with your mother, Enjoying some intimate conversation?
Are Advertising, Design and Management Consultancies Heading for a Collision?
HYPOTHESIS: The advertising agency, the design studio and the strategic consultancy are colliding in clients and services offered. They are going after the same budgets and offering innovation as the differentiator.
The Kickstarter Story
The story of Kickstarter as a disruptive business model. It disrupts the idea of raising capital from 3rd party. With kickstarter, if you have a project, you can get direct access to your customers without having to answer to manufacturers or venture capitalists.
Portfolio 2011: Work Is Play Is Life
My new portfolio is finally online! Thanks to Cargo Collective and the amazing platform they’ve built. I’m going to be sticking around them for a long time. You can access it from the portfolio link on the top-left of this page or click on the image below!
I owe Steve Jobs.
Below is an excerpt from Steve’s speech at the Stanford commencement in 2005. My decision to change my career after graduating from Manipal was because of these words.
The Flying Squirrel - Formula E 2011
Formula E is the Graduate Industrial Department’s (gradID) annual summer event challenging its students to extract the most power from 16 feet of rubber band and go around three courses on the Art Center College of Design Hillside campus. This year was a record breaking race with all the records from past years having been broken and truly achieving innovative vehicles. This is an engineering based system design project - making several sub systems work together to achieve performance is one of the key learnings.